Herzklang Pro

HRV software [HRV Cardio Workstation] for medical & therapeutic practices / clinics, suitable for desktop computer [win, OS X] wit internet connections

  • Measurement and short time recording of heart rate variability [HRV] over optical finger sensor with clinical standards
  • Wired, optical finger sensor [pulse oximeter; included
  • Sound-based cardio-feedback in real-time [cardio-bio-feedback]
  • Real-time display of respiratory sinus arrhythmia. [RSA-monitoring]
  • Time – and frequency – based HRV analysis with output of the following medical parameters:
    time domain values: min RR, RR max, mean RR, min HR, max HR, mean HR, SD RR, SD HR, RMSSD, NN50, NN20
  • frequency domain values: VLF, LF, HF, peak freq, power msec2, power
  • Bar graph of autonomic activity in real time in 30 bands [FFT spectrum]
  • Display of autonomic activity in their percentage distribution according to 3 frequencies [VLF, LF, HF]
  • Health trends [health quick forecast] stress level, regulation, balance, recovery, total power
  • Sound-based cardio-feedback in real-time [cardio-bio-feedback] [Kardio-Biofeedback]
  • Import / analysis and upload function for HRV measurements by third-party [CSV export function in the HRV recording software required]
  • Secure server connection [https] for uploading and collaborative editing of HRV measurements on the Herzklang Database

Prices and system requirements

Herzklang Pro 2.05 (Win, OS X) EUR 659,00

Fingersensor PO 300 EUR 77,00


The given prices are net, plus the applicable VAT plus shipping and transport costs

Windows 7 (64bit/32bit), Windows 8 (64bit/32bit), Windows 10 (64bit/32bit)
Mac 10.6.8 or later (no power Pc)
Ram: 2 GB (OS 32bit) 4 GB (OS 64bit)
CPU: dual core processor with more than 2.5 Ghz 
Screen size: min 1366x768px
Harddrive: min 600 MB (for installation)
1 GB for swap or at least 20% of free HD space if 
the OS-System is running on the same HD
Misc: internet connection for license verification and server access.
Please notice that it is NOT POSSIBLE TO RUN the application without a working internet connection. 15Mbit download speed is recommeded.
Installed CP210x USB to UART Bridge Driver