Das bietet Herzklang Database

Server-based Herzklang Database as a Web app for the networked processing of HRV data, suitable for all browser-based desktop computer systems and mobile devices.

The Herzklang Database for doctors/therapists with the following functions:

  • The medical time – and frequency-based HRV analysis with output parameters:
    time domain values: min RR, RR max, mean RR, min HR, max HR, mean HR, SD RR, SD HR, RMSSD, NN50, NN20, frequency domain values: VLF, LF, HF, peak freq, power msec2 power %
  • Interactive bar graph of the autonomic activity during the measurement in 30 bands [FFT spectrum]
  • Health trends [health quick forecast] stress level, regulation, balance, recovery, total power
  • PDF export and print function of HRV analysis page as a patient data sheet
  • Editor for the HRV measurements [1 min, 3 min, 5 min HRV analysis, full Herzklang mode]
  • Order option “Your personal Herzklang”. Additional costs per order.
  • Audio suite with 4-channel mixer for playback of “Your personal heart sound” [melody, harmony, heartbeat, spectral]
  • Spectral representation of “Your personal Herzklang”, track-based visualization [melody, harmony, heartbeat, spectral]
  • Messenger function for feedback from the doctor/therapist to the patient [only for Herzklang Live user]
  • full encryption of all data transfers [https]
  • Secure server access for the uploading and collaborative editing of HRV measurements on the Herzklang Database
  • Import / analysis – and upload – function for HRV measurements by third-party [CSV export function in the HRV recording software required]

Prices and system requirements

For the Herzklang Pro user with a further or more extensive use of the Herzklang Database, we charge:

EUR 299.00 / year [up to 100 patient accounts]
EUR 399,00 / year [up to 250 patient accounts]
EUR 499,00 per year [up to 500 patient accounts]

The Herzklang Database provides an import function of HRV measurement data for users with HRV software from third-party manufacturers

The given prices are net,  plus the applicable VAT plus shipping and transport costs

Windows 7 (64bit/32bit), Windows 8 (64bit/32bit), Windows 10 (64bit/32bit)
Mac 10.6.8 or later (no power Pc)
Ram: 2 GB (OS 32bit) 4 GB (OS 64bit)
CPU: dual core processor with more than 2.5 Ghz 
Screen size: min 1366x768px
Harddrive: min 600 MB (for installation)
1 GB for swap or at least 20% of free HD space if 
the OS-System is running on the same HD
Misc: internet connection for license verification and server access.
Please notice that it is NOT POSSIBLE TO RUN the application without a working internet connection. 15Mbit download speed is recommeded.
Installed CP210x USB to UART Bridge Driver