A unique approach that makes your HRV musically tangible

HRV is often used only for purely diagnostic and analytical purposes. Important therapeutic potentials remain thereby unused – until 2004 when the herzklang therapy was developed at the Swiss Paracelsus Clinic Lustmühle.

Herzklang – from idea to its application

Herzklang-Therapy was developed at the Swiss Paracelsus Clinik Lustmühle (CH) in the year 2004. The heart rate of the patient and its variability are converted directly into music. The medium of music thus creates a direct access to one’s own autonomic regulation: by raising awareness for the signals of their body, the patient learns to relax and to create physical and emotional balance.In close cooperation with the HRV therapist Michael Falkner, we have now developed Herzklang Pro for clinics, doctors and therapists; our professional HRV software for HRV measurement and analysis, as well as for sound-based cardio-feedback in real-time. A world’s first!

Heart-rate-variability is often used only for purely diagnostic and analytical purposes. Important therapeutic potentials remain thereby unused.
Herzklang goes beyond pure analysis and puts the patient in a cardio-feedback situation, in which he learns to perceive and in uence his heart rate variability. Herzklang-Therapy has become, after over a decade and more than 10 000 therapy sessions, an important component in the range of treatments at the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland and is now one of their standard therapies.

Current patient studies on the regulation of behavior related to cardiosensitivity – or heart awareness – indicate that sensitive persons process their somatic signals and emotional stimuli faster and more intensively and, in times of physical and emotional stress, are better able to listen to their needs.

Herzklang uses the strong emotional persuasiveness of the medium of music for the psycho-emotional activation of patients.

An instrument for your Herzklang

Herzklang extends the previous offers in this segment and provides a differentiated auditory system for therapists and patients for the musical representation of HRV.

Herzklang sees the heart as an instrument which is played on – in a metaphorical sense – by the composer, the ANS, which regulates between the spiritual, intellec- tual, emotional and physical levels of the body. Music, like no other medium, is able to trigger immediate and deep emotions in humans. Herzklang is based on this.

Your personal Herzklang – listen to yourself

The thus generated personal Herzklang creates a direct access to the otherwise abstract data and allows the listener to recognize themselves in it. Our clinical ex- periences con rm how sensitive and subtle the organism perceives this musical representation as familiar. We intuitively recognize this transformation of our own processes and rhythms and can thereby relax.

This ability to auto-detect is a crucial aspect of Herzklang-Therapy: the organism treats its own Herzklang as a familiar dimension and harmful elements are recog- nized and corrected.

Real-time sound-based cardio- feedback

Listening to your own heart rhythm as  musical sound in real time is a bio-feedback situation.
Thus, Herzklang can sensitize patients to the signals of their own bodies and especially improve the perception of their own hearts (cardio-senitivity).