Your personal Herzklang

Sonification ( an acoustic representation of data) of the measured HRV data for the regulation of autonomic nervous activity. Can be used for a wide variety of therapeutic treatments: kinesiology, breath therapy, energetic applications and many more.

Cardio Feedback

Improve  cardiac perception (cardio-sensitivity) by learning your own relaxation techniques. Through improved cardio-sensitivity, the patient learns to get into a balanced vegetative state.

History control

Apply  before, during and after a therapeutic application to evaluate the effectiveness of this application. Therapy amplification by using “your personal Herzklang”.

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The professional application of Herzklang therapy requires basic knowledge in the functioning and organization of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). In addition, it requires basic knowledge about the therapeutic effects of music and sound, knowledge of the sound-encoded information in “Your personal Herzklang” as well as training in “listening”.

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We are offering an introduction to these topics and to the software Herzklang Pro, Herzklang database and Herzklang live as well as practical work based on patient case studies in the form of a two-day intensive seminar within the framework of the “Paracelsus Academy of bio-medicine” to (Paracelsus Klinik, CH).

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All software components are networked with each other and allow for simple communication and exchange of data with each other.
The software products can be used individually. [limited function]

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