Your personal Herzklang

A unique approach to regulating your autonomic nervous system.

Cardio Feedback

Learn to train the perception of your own heart with Herzklang-live and experience the positive effects of improved cardio sensitivity.

Learn how Herzklang is applied

Balance yourself

Listen regularly to your personal Herzklang. Improve the regenerative ability of your autonomic nervous system and create a balance within the demands of your everyday life.

Sensitize yourself

People with an intuitive heart perception have advantages in life:You will experience the world more intensely and emotionally. A self-reflective attitude leads to making better decisions in life; your own needs are identified more sensitively.Improve your cardio sensitivity with the biofeedback features of Herzklang-live.

Your personal Herzklang coach

Use the messenger function of Herzklang-live for a professional feedback – an individual consultation is available online with our Herzklang coaches.

Our software product

herzklang live is our patient home software for sound-based cardio-feedback in real-time for independent training of the HRV exercises (cardio-feedback and cardio-sensitivity) with home-monitoring and messenger functionallity.

Find out what features the herzklang live application offers