What is Herzklang Services?

We at Herzklang Services are a company doing research in the field of the science of heart rate variability and develop products for the analysis of HRV measurement data and their therapeutic applications.

Our particular focus is directed towards the use of the mediums of music and sound and their potentials as psycho-emotional stimulants of the autonomic nervous system.

What is the motivation of Herzklang Services?

In the focus of our efforts here at Herzklang Services is the activation and promotion of the individual’s cardio-sensitivity and thus people’s psycho-physiological health in general.

We are creating Herzklang Services

Dirk Reichardt
Founder and CEO

Dirk Reichardt is the master mind and creative director behind Herzklang Services.

Michael Falkner

Medical and Scientific Director and HRV-Biofeedback-Therapist, Paracelsus-Klinik-Lustmühle, St.Gallen (CH)

Michael Falkner is in charge of the clinical and scientific research for all Herzklang Services Products.

Carl Albrecht

Carl Albrecht is in charge of the technical coordination and execution of all Herzklang Services Products.

Kirsten Stölting

Human Resources

Stefanie Böttger